Version 0.31.19: SYZYGY UPDATE Is Live

Hello all,

We're excited to finally launch the latest major update to Nova Drift, titled SYZYGY, which we assure you is a real word.

View the PATCH NOTES for the full details of the new features and changes, but here are the highlights:

  • Speedrun Mode  has been added to the Settings menu. While this is toggled, you'll always see your game time and wave. Additionally, the game will display your splits for each boss you defeat.
  • 2 new music tracks have been added: Parallelism  (in normal mode) and its remix Parallelism (Freed)  (in Wild Meta mode)
  • Added a unique animation and sound effect for player death that scales in intensity as your level (for that run) increases. This is powered the shiny brand new Visual FX Engine  that will be used in other parts of the game in future updates.
  • Major reworks for Singular Strike , Warp Shield , Salvo  & Vortex .
  • Over 100 balance adjustments and bug fixes!

Update: version 0.31.20 is now live, fixing a few rare crashes involving constructs.

This is also an update to keep you busy while you wait for the first round of enemy improvements and additions. With this update, we have switched to the new enemy "engine" in preparation for those changes, so there may be some growing pains to iron out. Let us know if anything is amiss  on Discord.

With this update complete, we are now prepared to focus fully on the Enemies 2.0 updates we discussed in previous posts. To be released over many small incremental updates, Enemies 2.0 will bring new enemies, fresh enemy behaviors and formations, enemy support roles, alternate bosses, new power ups, secrets, and reworks to existing enemy content, both mechanical and visual. Beyond raising the bar on enemies, the overhaul aims to improve Nova Drift's variety, scaling, and fairness, while emphasizing tactical gameplay, improving build versatility, and reducing general chaos and confusion. It's a Nova Drift renaissance!

Enjoy the update, and take care :)

-Miles @ Pixeljam

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