Enemies 2.0: A comprehensive overhaul to enemies and waves

This is Nova Drift's largest ever update, incorporating a vast rewrite of its underlying systems. This update is the first of three parts, focusing on enemies and encounters. We're very proud to finally share it with you! Here's what's new:

  • Dynamic Waves:  Wildly variant procedurally generated enemy encounters. We've ripped out all of the preset enemy waves you're used to and replaced them with a system that generates them!
  • Curated Waves: New unique, hand-crafted encounters
  • 6 New Enemies:  You will now face the Bulwark, Hammerhead, Myrmidon, Cherub, Tracer, and Swarmling
  • Enemy Formations:  Foes may now appear in formation with each other: Rank and File, Orbit, Flank, V, Trail, Fractal, and Support Formations
  • Battlefield Zoom:  Expanded views allow more room to maneuver as action ramps up
  • Reworked Station Omega: We've raised the bar on the wave 40 boss encounter
  • A New Challenge Mode: Annihilation:  A blisteringly difficult arcade experience, designed for veterans and masochists
  • New Wild and Super Mods:  Deflagration, Explosive Growth, and Far Sight
  • New Sound Effects and Music
  • Much More:  Lots of balance fine-tuning, quality-of-life features, borderless fullscreen mode, background parallax, new performance settings, major optimizations, a progression overhaul, legacy build support, and Korean localization

The complete changelog:


Read a dev DEEP DIVE on Dynamic Waves:


Read about the new enemies and their formations:



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Jan 18, 2022
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Jan 17, 2022

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