0.30.8 Is Live: Azimuth Tune-Up

Some tweaks and improvements on the recent Azimuth Update:


  • Outrage Module fires in the direction of the incoming hit!
  • Evolutionary Niche & Bravado now scale Research's power-up duration bonus
  • Upgrades and Rerolls numbers are blue once again for visibility
  • Guardian Ally now wants to be further away from the player ship when it has Decoy Signal
  • With Leviathan:
    - Deadly Wake emits from the tail body segment
    - 2/3 of Scorching Wake emits from random body segments


  • Continued making Bastion and Blades less of "special snowflakes", removing some bugs in the process
  • Fixed Bastion taking too little damage from Burnout Reactors
  • Fixed a strange interaction between Bastion and Stealth
  • Fixed Bastion triggering shield break effects when its down and you gain a level
  • Fixed Volatile Shields from triggering too many times with Bastion and Shielded Constructs
  • Homing Strike Blade projectiles now return to their launcher
  • Fixed a typo that was preventing the custom banish keybinding from being saved
  • Fixed many cases of upgrades not applying until your next upgrade
  • Fixed the formatting of end-of-game unlock messages
  • Fixed several problems with Interceptor Ally configurations
  • Adjusted position and size of construct count numbers so they're more legible (especially double-digit counts)
  • Reduced depth of player-related objects by 100 so they're less likely to get obscured
  • Fixed the level up notification not appearing under certain conditions
  • Hive continuously reduces emission rate as spawned count increases (This prevents the number of Hive Drones from growing as uncontrollably)
  • Optimized Hive swarms
  • Fixed Viper granting inconsistent damage reduction
  • The pause menu now considers Viper's bonus to ignite duration
  • Overseer now displays the Apex Machinery Supermod combo
  • Retribution now displays Apex Machinery and Vital Bond Supermod combos
  • Fixed an outdated appearance of the old interceptor icon
  • Fixed a depth sorting error with Blade & Shield artwork
  • Fixed Outrage Module not firing forward in cases where it should
  • You no longer recoil with no weapon, if something makes you fire without one
  • Small code optimizations
  • Fixed a few minor text issues
  • Improved translations: Japanese
  • Improved translations: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Improved translations: Simplified Chinese


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Dec 03, 2020
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Dec 03, 2020

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