Version 0.30.5 - AZIMUTH UPDATE

Major Features

  • Added localization for Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Polish!
  • Certain advanced enemies can now enter the battlefield via a spooky portal
  • Certain enemies now enter the battlefield via emerging from the background (The intention with these two new entrances is to reduce the instances where deaths occur by being blitzed off-screen)
  • Overhauled Celestial enemies, making them more visually interesting and intimidating. Additionally, variety has been added to their attack patterns, especially for champion Celestials. All  rarities' "celestial fireball" attacks will alternate between two patterns, and champion "bomb fiestas" are no longer full-screen random and are instead selected from 4 different bomb patterns. The intention with this overhaul is not necessarily to make Celestials easier, but to give you time to react to their appearance, easily recognize them as a dangerous foe, and prioritize accordingly.
  • If you have Charged Shot, Siege Weaponry and/or Saturation Fire, Allies with Integrated Weaponry will use them
  • The BGM track "Fire in Zero Gravity", found in non-Wild playthroughs, has been replaced by a new BGM track, "Nograv"

Minor Features

  • You can now rebind the "Banish" ability, gained from the Research body gear
  • Enemy entry speed no longer scales with wave speed or temporal effects, preventing enemies from blitzing you at incredible speeds at high waves, while also maintaining intended enemy positions
  • Improved radial and spiral spawns to better match the shape of your screen

Improvements & Balance

  • Grandeur was enabling players to reach level 100, and so has been nerfed and rebalanced. Most notably, Grandeur now has a small malus to rotation speed
  • The bulk of Strafe's thrust power now scales with modifiers to thrust, added to a very slight base value
  • Improve Ally, Drone, and Swarm edge behavior. They now wrap at the edges of the screen like the player does
  • Orbital shield orbs now screen wrap per-orb
  • Allies with the Interceptor mod no longer love to spend time off-screen
  • Construct formations properly handle per-construct wrapping
  • Constructs above the limit will now be destroyed after changing body gear
  • Newly-added drones now slot into position neatly
  • Projectiles reflected by reflect shield now propagate their allegiance to "child" projectiles
  • Leviathan's hidden ability to resist sitting in burn damage over time (up to an additional -50% total) now ramps up more quickly
  • Siege Weaponry now deals ~15% less base damage to the player
  • Barrage malus and randomization now applies to Loaded Mines, in addition to giving the added projectiles

Cosmetic Changes

  • Added about a dozen new instances of rainbow cycling for the BOOST power up
  • Made various visual improvements to rainbow cycling effects

Fixes & Under the Hood

  • Fixed Railgun's hitbox rotating, making the weapon more accurate while sniping
  • Similarly fixed the hitboxes for Blade Splinters and Blaster blasts
  • Fixed Death Blossom granting zero spread for its duration
  • Fixed orbital shield getting too many orbs orbs when it reset before the previous orbs expired
  • Non-player-launched Blade projectiles now don't accumulate Orbital orb size
  • Swarm constructs no longer try to defend while the player is not in control or is invulnerable, also preventing off-screen "snapping"
  • Bastion shield code has been standardized, making it far less of a special, volatile snowflake
  • Created a better, more modular standard for enemies, to be utilized with the upcoming behaviors and new enemies moving forward
  • Projectiles reflected by Reflect shield now have a speed cap, based on their hitbox size, that prevents them from "skipping" their target
  • Made further changes to help prevent Leviathan by being "yeeted" by Minelayer shields
  • Fixed a bug where Bastion Shield protecting Blades would assemble even if the assembly limit was reached
  • Fixed a bug where Saturation Fire was dealing more damage to the player than intended

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Nov 17, 2020

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