Version 0.28.12 is live: Interface, QoL & Localization

Version 0.28.12

Updated May 25, 2020

Please note: Due to the settings overhaul, you may need to rebind your custom controls. The next major update will focus on sweeping changes to enemies and waves, improvements to Wild Metamorphosis, and improved game balance!

Major Features

  • Added French, Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese localization, which you can toggle between in the Settings menu. The game will attempt to detect your OS language settings and otherwise default to English
  • Added a menu to the pause screen. You can now resume, quit, change your settings, or view Super Mod requirements during a game. The pause menu has also been improved, displaying more stats about your build. Qutting from the pause menu now requires a confirmation
  • Overhauled the Settings menu
  • "Mouse Mode" and "Keyboard Mode" have been consolidated into one mode. Both always work. The toggle now controls whether the presets are Arrow Keys or WASD controls. You can now assign two bindings to both thrust and fire, which accepts mouse or keyboard inputs. If you were previously using Mouse Mode, or Customized Mouse Mode, you may need to rebind your custom controls
  • Updated Gamepad and Keyboard / Mouse customization menus to be more intuitive and consistent
  • You can now choose which gamepad stick is used for steering, which works with all 3 aim styles
  • If you are already using directional aiming, it will default to the right stick, and otherwise default to the left stick
  • Gamepad Stabilize is now PRESSING the stick, because down doesn't make sense for the directional aim setting
  • Gamepad can now rebind Stabilize
  • There are now multiple toggles for windowed resolution. The game will also accept any resolutions that you manually input into your save file
  • Rewrote Nova Drift's system for handling audio. Music, SFX, and global volume can now all be adjusted separately from settings
  • The Challenge Modes you used are now displayed on your High Score list! However, this addition isn't retroactive for old scores
  • Added new BGM: the Infinitum remix, Infinitum (Genesis), now plays in Wild Metamorphosis


  • Removed the delay when switching from mouse aim to keyboard/gamepad aim
  • Reduced the delay when switching from keyboard/gamepad aim to mouse aim (This delay exists so that accidentally brushing your trackpad or mouse doesn't interfere with keyboard controls)
  • More mouse buttons are now supported for customization
  • Whenever avoidable, text is no longer used in tutorials to increase the ease of localization
  • Collapsed a few tutorials into one
  • Framed tutorial buttons now have a few discrete sizes to make localization easier (There is a known bug with this where the button is larger than needed)
  • Added hue cycle offsets to Super Mods
  • Reworked sound effects for huge explosions, large explosions, Torrent, Saucer enemy shots, and several EMP blast sfx
  • Barrage variants have been added for Blade, Torrent, and Dart
  • Addes SFX for Champion Beamcasters

Game Balance

  • Salvo can no longer stockpile while your weapon is on cooldown, but the base damage has been increased 60 -> 90
  • Salvo now unloads your stockpile faster for each stock you have remaining
  • Salvo's diminishing returns for high levels of stock are now more favorable
  • Thermal Lance base damage has been increased by 10%
  • Charged Shot now properly considers Rancor if benefiting from extra projectiles from Charged Shot
  • Constructs pursuing targets do so faster and more efficiently. This is especially meaningful for Swarm Constructs


  • Fixed a bug where Singular Strike always considered you having one more pre-existing projectile than it should (so it does 10% more total damage now)
  • Added a very small cooldown to Player wrapping, to prevent a bug where Singularities could cause you to wrap dozens of times per second
  • Fixed Viper's burn duration not applying to Incendiary Strike
  • Fixed Incendiary Strike not benefiting properly by increased Burn Duration
  • Warden plasma shots generate smaller "splinters" after being degraded by Counter-Artillery
  • Optimized trail performance
  • Optimized construct performance

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