- GENESIS Update Is Live -

Hello All!

Another 2 months, another major update.  This one is entitled GENESIS and we're rather excited about it....

New Features: 

  • Weapon gear, Thermal Lance has been added to the game! 
  • Shield gear, Shockwave has been added to the game!
  • Body gear, Carrier has arrived!
  • Added a new super mod: Mortar
  • Added a new super mod: Charged Mines
  • The mine tree has been reworked and mines have been adjusted
  • Auto Mines has been replaced by a new mod: Minefield
  • Loaded Mines and Retribution have switched places
  • Two new BGM tracks have been added to the game: Superlumen (and its Wild Metamorphosis remix, Superlumen (Warped)), and Infinitum
  • Large or dangerous enemies are now announced with a HUD warning, similar to what comets use. This feature will be further iterated on in the future as enemies 2.0 progresses
  • Allies that can fire your weapon can now utilize innately charging weapons (Vortex and Thermal Lance)
  • Mines that can fire your weapon can now utilize innately charging weapons (Vortex and Thermal Lance) while deployed

Mechanical Changes: 

  • Vortex uses new, more sensible logic to calculate its damage and charge rate
  • Vortex charge rate now additionally scales with weapon blast radius mods
  • Power Reserves now reduces the malus from turn rate penalties (presently only Thermal Lance while firing)
  • Rancor now works differently. Instead of the increased charge level gained being permanent, it now falls off over time. The charge level gained is ~5x greater than before
  • Retribution now has a 0.5-second internal cooldown
  • Mines now have a shorter fuse, which no longer resets when you upgrade
  • Mines check their proximity detonation more often
  • Architect now detonates all constructs if there are more than one when you switch to it
  • Blades not produced by the player no longer screen-wrap
  • Firefly + Rampage now combos as you'd expect
  • Mayhem and Danger Zone have been adjusted, along with small aspects of the difficulty curve. The first 20 waves grant additional, but decrementing, bonus time per wave instead of only the first 10 waves. Danger Zone now affects wave speed by a factor of 0.65 again, down from 0.70. As a result, Mayhem is fast and more hardcore again, but the very early waves are a little less overwhelming

Balance Adjustments

  • Drones in Predator formation move 33.33% faster than they previously did
  • -5% -> -7% recovery and shield cooldown on Twin Strike
  • +70% -> +80% regeneration rate on Rapid Reconstruction
  • +30 -> +35 base hull on Rapid Reconstruction
  • +15% -> +10% hull damage resistance on Shielded Constructs
  • Galvanic Outburst does considerably less damage
  • Pulsar's blast attack now has far less knockback
  • Temporal Shield's effect has been made ~11% stronger

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Fixed a case where Gemini + Absorption actually creates lethal damage with shields up by splitting a damage value less than 0 and then increasing it to 1
  • Made many major improvements to game terminology and text descriptions
  • Streamlined the player upgrade script and removed a lot of redundancies
  • Blades now use "dynamic trails" which is far more performant, especially in extreme cases
  • Medicharge takes Hypermetabolism-reserved shield and hull into account
  • Fixed a crash with Priority Zero
  • Vortex + Gemini now properly soft-triggers shield cooldown
  • Having no weapon now prevents any mobility-reducing effects from your weaponry
  • Fixed a problem where shielded constructs would be counted at the wrong moment
  • Temporal shield now properly slows Pulsar enemy dashes
  • Fixed many instances of things apply Corrosion but shouldn't. Player constructs, their abilities, and even some enemies self-inflicting
  • Fixed some cases where Corrosion would last forever
  • Fixed a mistake with how mine projectiles / Thermal Lance mines are calculated. You should see a smooth progression of projectiles, thermal lances, or pulses as your rate of fire and mine effect increases


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Mar 24, 2020
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Mar 24, 2020

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