- APEX Update Is Live -

Introducing the APEX update, which overhauls and rebalances advanced constructs.


Version 0.26.12
Updated January 31, 2020

* Turret has been given its own mod tree and removed from its original
* Turret has been given new visuals, sfx, and effects
* Added 3 mods to the Turret tree: Point Defense, War Machine, and Counter Artillery
* The turret T2 mods scale with your level, so the turret has quite a high power ceiling. Its new incarnation is designed to be stronger with less up-time, making it a construct you want to deploy tactically. To that end, its assembly time has been made longer
* Created a new mod to replace Turret in its old tree: Priority Zero
* Turrets can now be pushed around a little by the player

* Allies and their evolutionary trees have been retooled to give them earlier utility, more meaningful mods, more individual identity, and better interaction with construct super mods
* The Ally tree has been altered: The Ally mod, Double Team, has been removed from the game and Evasion has taken its place. Evasion was previously found in the Interceptor Tree
* The Interceptor Tree has been reworked. Integrated Weaponry, previously a T3 mod, is now included in the T1 mod, Interceptor. Interceptor has also been reworked
* Ranger has been removed from the game. The Ranger functionality is now innate to Interceptors. Flak, Torrent, and especially Pulse have closer ideal ranges, modified by either your blast radius or velocity, depending
* Outmaneuver has been added to the game to replace where Evasion previously was
* Wingman has been added to the game to replace where Ranger previously was
* Overpower has been added to the game to replace where Integrated Weaponry previously was
* The Guardian tree has been reworked. Service, previously a T3 mod, is now included in the T1 mod, Guardian. Guardian has also been reworked
* Echo Strike has been reworked
* Decoy has been reworked
* Medi-Charge has been added to the game to replace where Service previously was. Note: Medi-Charges produced by the guardian count as power-ups for the purpose of the Research gear's ability
* Allies and their evolutions now have their own projectiles and firing patterns
* Ally Specialist has been reworked. It no longer adds additional assembly and instead offers specialized benefits
* Turret Specialist has been reworked. It no longer adds additional assembly and instead offers specialized benefits
* Behavior scripts for all allies have been polished

* Overseer now calculates after Engineer's bonuses, as you'd expect
* Adjusted Architect powers 45% -> 50% construct stats, except hull. Construct hull is now 45% -> 30%
* Courser hull 90 -> 100
* Courser damage blast radius and projectile size -15% -> -10%
* Essense Sap: 1.5% -> 1% hull stored as essence. Essense now recovers hull at a rate of 10% of your maximum hull /s and can store a maximum of 5% of your maximum hull
* Bastion 130 -> 120 maximum shields
* Bastion now stores energy at 75% the rate it previously did
* Bastion innate regen formula is now less explosive at very high durability
* Galvanic deals much less damage in light of its recent ability to stack damage
* Armor Stacks once again always give at least 1 stack for "hit" damage
* Armor Stacks grant 50% stacks for self-damage
* Burning damage when used with Corrosion now generates 3 -> 2 corrosive stacks /s
* Dying Star is now considered an "ignite", not burn, and thus does not work with Essense Sap or Corrosion
* Damage scaling from Masochism and from advancing waves is now the final damage scaling event. Previously, it preceded Barrier, making Barrier (and shields by extension) feel mandatory at high waves
* Tactical Link now reduces damage from Burnout Reactors and Turret self-damage
* Vital Bond 50% -> 60% of your regeneration
* Tactical Link's damage reduction is now additive (this is a buff) (to be clear this doesn't mean it stacks with multiple sources of Tactical Link, it means it interacts additively with other sources of damage reduction)
* Vortex damage has been returned to its pre-nerf values: ~+10%
* 7% -> 10% Heavy Caliber buffs
* Leaf on the Wind time to reach full power 90s -> 60s
* Salvo base damage 45 -> 48
* Split Shot innate blast damage 50% -> 30% of base damage
* Dart now penetrates targets destroyed
* Deadly Wake is now a burn and an ignite for 120 damage /s instead of only an ignite for 240 damage /s
* Ignites now always last 3s base duration unless otherwise stated. As a result, removed some text describing ignite duration. Some ignite damage has been adjusted to compensate
* Corrosion burning damage is now considered an ignite
* Celestial Surge now ignites enemies in the same way that Celestial Lance does
* Dart, being burn damage, now applies corrosion stacks over time as per the recent change
* Halo's self-damage while burning enemies now applies armor stacks

* Shredder Mine spikes no longer fire in random directions. They now align with the spikes in the artwork. This also means that they never shoot more projectiles than are displayed
* Shredder Mines now flash when they're going to explode soon. They also project the direction of the spikes they will shoot with an effect
* Shredder Mine projectiles now degenerate, but not enough to destroy them before they leave the screen unless you have Temporal Shield
* Shredder Mine projectiles now have trails
* Shredder Mines now declump from one another
* Shredder Mines do very slightly more damage
* Shredder Mines now enter the screen more quickly but quickly slow to an overall slower movement speed
* A pair of Champion Celestials participating in a "Bomb Fiesta"  was a bad time. Now, bomb frequency is lesser with more Champion Celestials on screen
* Removed the potential Elite Enemy mode Champion Eclipse spawn from wave 35. A spiral of Shredder Mines can spawn in its place
* Added a new Elite Enemy mode spawn to wave 45: It will create either a Champion Eclipse, an Elite Juggernaut, or a huge asteroid field + Vanguards
* The Elite Enemy mode spawn at wave 65 which spawns an Elite Juggernaut now also spawns a pair of Beamcasters with it
* Improved a weirdly non-threatening Beamcaster wave
* Saucers grant a little more time to defeat them
* 18 -> 12 damage for enemy Eclipse "Torrent" projectiles
* Increased wave speed scaling
* Reduced enemy damage scaling

* Turbo Tortoise has been changed from 3.0s to 3.5s since Bastion's assembly time has been increased and this was no longer possible
* Added combat log support for Discharge
* The combat log now displays construct shield damage resistance with shielded constructs on all hits
* Named the construct key bindings in customization by construct
* Purge text clarified to show how it interacts with both burns and ignites (it works with both, but benefits differently)
* Clarified various other strings

* Refactored, organized, and optimized the gigantic script which updates the player when you upgrade
* Ataraxia updating your stats no longer messes with anything other than the stats it affects
* When you leave the upgrade menu, your stats are no longer refreshed unless you've actually purchased something within the "chain" of upgrades
* Banishing with the Research body now immediately updates your defenses, not just when you buy an upgrade 
* As a result of the above notes, several exploits, bugs, and hiccups are corrected: Sanctuary scales properly with Bastion, Ataraxia no longer deletes or creates anything unintended, Last Stand problems are resolved, the order of operations problems are addressed (e.g. Essence Sap was calculating max hull wrong), and more
* Gemini was skirting enemy damage scaling from advancing waves for the hull portion of the damage
* Bastion was skirting enemy damage scaling from advancing waves entirely
* Gemini with Bastion Shield was also double dipping defenses for the shield portion of the damage
* Bastion no longer burns up faster than intended with multiple shielded-Bastion-constructs
* Many cases of ignites erroneously working with the Essence Sap mod have been corrected. Only "direct contact" burn damage is meant to work with Essence Sap or Corrosion
* In cases where degenerations ticked once every 4 seconds, the proper number of corrosive stacks from burning are now granted
* Fixed a mistake where enemy explosives damage would be set to 15% of the damage you did when you shot them
* Gemini now takes enemy damage modifiers and scaling into consideration for whether or not it is able to split the damage
* The achievement for Turbo Tortoise now requires you to actually be using Bastion
* The pause menu now properly reports the damage of projectile explosives
* Dart Splinters now degenerate as intended
* Fixed a few enemies missing jetstreams either on spawn or wrapping
* Added a failsafe so that Armor Stacks cannot become lower than 0
* Refactored the settings menu so its cleaner and easier to maintain. In a future update, this menu and controls customizations will be overhauled


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