Slight update to Wild Mods - version 0.23.11

Since the Wild Meta update went live, we've made a few more updates to balance & stabilize the game and address some edge cases:

* Outrage Module should now work properly. We'll see if this can be made to aim at the offender in a future update
* Overseer no longer allows construct weapons to be used by the player, now that all weapons can be employed by constructs
* Concentrated Blast blast damage +30% -> +35%
* Omnishield no longer blocks Conversion from being selected, as some players are wanting this combo for specific builds
* Apotheosis prerequisites have been changed from Emergency Systems + Strafe -> Kinetic Boost + Strafe
* Non-player generated Blades now have -33.33% hull -> -50% hull
* Flak base damage per projectile 40 -> 45
* Reworked Barrier. It now reduces any hit damage taken to shields greater than 25 to 25
* 15% -> 10% hull threshhold for triggering Retribution and Outrage Module, but now calculates after player reductions
* Tempest Break now additionally prevents cooldown from being interrupted while shields are down. Go shield-break!
* +10% Halo aura radius
* 7 -> 6/s Halo self damage from dealing burns
* Adjusted some enemy hull values. Notably, Eclipse Shields and Cores are less tough, and Spitfire and Scion are tougher
* Seraph Orb degeneration rate now ramps up
* Eclipse Shield retaliations now cannot trigger more than once every 2 frames, up from once every frame

* Blades have been given a minor visual overhaul. Architect Blades now sport a unique graphic, and Blades spawned from non-player sources do, too. All three visual variants spawn the correct number of trails based on the blade arms, now properly aligned
* Fixed Blades deployed from mines not scaling to their intended size
* Fixed nebulae not forming if you're in an upgrade menu

* Fixed blades not degenerating with Splinter from the recent beta change
* Fixed an undeclared variable with Blades
* Blade splinters now decelerate and degenerate faster
* Blade splinters reduce velocity consistently with Splinter Shot behavior, but still have a floor of 10 pixels /s (Since blades approach zero speed on their return arc)

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Oct 07, 2019

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