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Deep in her lair slumbers an avatar of the goddess Snek, guardian of her secret and mysterious temple. When raiders and grave-robbers come seeking ancient treasure, the stern priestesses sound the alarm and Snek awakens to defend the temple, monch the infidels, and grow and grow and grow...

Play as a giant snake in an intercoiled tile-based puzzle dungeon. Explore, master puzzle mechanics and special abilities, and uncover secrets... all is not what it seems in the Temple of Snek.

Features in the current version:

  • a continuous, interwoven puzzle dungeon with 2-5 hours of gameplay
  • rhythm and length-based traps and puzzles
  • procedural music that changes as you play
  • Classic mode: eat-and-grow score attack (unlock able)

Extra features coming to the final version in 2022:

  • five environments with distinct art, music and puzzle styles
  • 4 NPC types with unique puzzle mechanics
  • secret powers to discover and master
  • a wordless, environmental narrative with a twist in the tale
  • Mek-a-Snek: design your own snake-skin pattern
  • Level Editor: make and share your own snek puzzles!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Good game, but the switch puzzles get too hard for me when your snake has grown over several rooms. Other people on my stream really liked it. For me it could have been more arcady and less puzzle focused, but that's just my personal taste.



Snek chain 


Its a great game with an amazing amount of detail but I personally don’t think it’s worth $9.99.



s                 n                   e                   k

snake go brbrbrbrbrb

s n e k


Alright so, this game is very interesting. You'd think, "How could they possibly make that old snake phone game a real game?" And the answer is, by having you eat people and try to escape a shockingly well trapped temple. The game provides a nice challenge and being a giant snake is fun.
I mean seriously.
Being a giant snake is fun.


among us snek

This concept looks very cool! Some day I'd like to buy this.


I knew this game was a masterpiece just because      S n e k


Looks supercool! Will buy it for sure and check it out.


Enjoyed the demo on Steam. Do you have available for my Android device?

Not at the moment - not sure if that's planned for the future either...  maybe one day?


Ok thanks. Big market there, if Dead Cells can do it.. 

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Hmm... Temple Of Snake Is Better Than Nokia Snake...

Whoa... Scott, Hi man!

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Do You Wanna Play My Game... Come On In:https://real-scott-cawthon.itch.io/

If You Like It Or Not

Huh... Ive played your games since Fnaf to Sister location but i didnt know theres more than that, alright! thanks for your link Scott :

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No Problem... Bye

Really liking what I've seen so far.  Congrats!  Is there a Steam key included?

We're not including them by default, but if you want one, send me an email :) miles@pixeljam.com