0.6.23 Update

Hello All,

0.6.23 is live, and introduces some important new quality-of-life updates:

  • Fixed background in Cyberspace stages when game is run in 16:10 mode

  • Updated aiming reticule colours/size and also added available/used lock-on indicator to the bottom of the far aiming reticule

  • Added option for separate laser/missile buttons. This also doubles as an auto-fire option, as holding down the fire button will instead shoot a continuous stream of lasers instead of charging the missiles.
  • Added new mouse input mode. When enabled this will override any joypad/keyboard settings use for ship direction/movement. All other joypad/keyboard input can be used in conjunction with the mouse input if desired. Mouse buttons can now also be used without "???" showing up.

  • Mouse cursor will now be hidden when game is set to fullscreen mode or mouse mode is enabled (pausing the game will show the mouse cursor again)

We hope you enjoy the new features, please do tell us if anything is amiss in the forums or on discord.

- MNKY / Pixeljam


ExZodiac_win_0.6.23.zip 83 MB
Sep 27, 2022
ExZodiac_mac_0.6.23.zip 88 MB
Sep 27, 2022
ExZodiac_linux_0.6.23.zip 84 MB
Sep 27, 2022

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