0.6.21 patch notes

  • Credits should now display properly in retro and Hi-Res mode, Megabackers & Intergalactic Sponsors have been added to the credits as well 
  •  Fixed pressing "Options" on title screen more than once accidentally triggering "Start" instead
  •  Pause function is disabled once an option has been chosen from the pause menu, restart mission, return to map/title etc. Prevents weird bugs. 
  • Hopefully fixed weird bug with Boss 1 intro animation not completing and then wind turbines and trees spawning continuously until the game chugs. 
  • Fixed typo: "an" frozen wasteland in Ignice dialogue
  • Fixed type: epaphos description, civilisation (dont need the last "i") 
  • B (on Xbox controller) or O (on PS controller) will now back/cancel out of menus 
  • Added option in Display Options to disable the flashing beams when a boss explodes (for epileptic folks) 
  • Disabled built in auto screenshot function (a debug feature) that was also tied to Steam's screenshot button (F12), as this was causing performance issues when a screenshot was taken every second 
  • Fixed enemy count in Euclides Belt - Lowered S and A rank requirements for Epaphos 
  • Fixed skipping result screen score calculation as it was displaying the wrong total when skipped 
  • Removed "Restart Mission" fron special stage pause menu
  • HUD items now translated (except for Japanese and Chinese) 
  • Blank dialog no longer appears in the Map screen - Homing missiles no longer circle around the jet-skis in stage 5 
  • Player is now invincible after a boss is defeated, just in case any stray lasers/missiles are left over 
  • Added 16:10 aspect ratio 
  • Score combo now has a bit more time before it cancels, damaging enemies also keeps the combo timer going 
  • Bonus stage access (from the map) is now available as long as you've collected the chip in the main level (bonus stage doesn't have to be completed) 
  • Mouse cursor now hidden when entering fullscreen mode


ExZodiac_win_0.6.21.zip 81 MB
Aug 01, 2022
ExZodiac_mac_0.6.21.zip 86 MB
Aug 01, 2022
ExZodiac_linux_0.6.21.zip 82 MB
Aug 01, 2022

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