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A retromodern and surreal minigolf comedy awaits. Prepare to meet SUSAN. · By Pixeljam


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Regarding the 50% discount
Hello all, You may have noticed that Cheap Golf is 50% this week. This is because we're running a bundle of all our games to coincide with our re-release of GA...
Another week, another update... version 1.11 now has SPEEDRUN MODE, which means: No cutscenes A single timer for the entire episode Your best time will display...
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Hello all, We've added STORY MODE today to version 1.1 (Mac + Windows so far, Linux coming in a bit). Story Mode will not force a PAR for any level, but will a...
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We're officially LAUNCHED!
Ahoy Golfers! We are thrilled to announce that CHEAP GOLF is fully released! If you already own the game on, an update should be waiting for you (versi...
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Help us beta test the final episode and full release of Cheap Golf!
Hello golfers! It has been a rather long time since we posted, but we're happy to say that the full release of Cheap Golf is upon us - November 5th to be exact...
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Camera Hotfix - 1.0.4
We just uploaded 1.0.4 for Mac / Windows, fixing a camera & zooming issue. It was still pretty choppy & glitchy when dragging the flinger out of the gameplay a...
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-Episode 2 Out Now-
We just released Episode 2 for CHEAP GOLF, and made the following updates to the whole game: - Camera / zoom smoothing - Rendering optimizations - Slo-mo thresh...
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