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A retromodern and surreal minigolf adventure awaits. Prepare to meet SUSAN. · By Pixeljam


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Help us beta test the final episode and full release of Cheap Golf!
Hello golfers! It has been a rather long time since we posted, but we're happy to say that the full release of Cheap Golf is upon us - November 5th to be exact...
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Camera Hotfix - 1.0.4
We just uploaded 1.0.4 for Mac / Windows, fixing a camera & zooming issue. It was still pretty choppy & glitchy when dragging the flinger out of the gameplay a...
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-Episode 2 Out Now-
We just released Episode 2 for CHEAP GOLF, and made the following updates to the whole game: - Camera / zoom smoothing - Rendering optimizations - Slo-mo thresh...
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Episode 2 Beta!
There is now a beta available for EPISODE 2. The beta also addresses the following issues: Performance upgrade: the game should run better on lower spec machine...
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LINUX version is here
Hello Golfers, We added a Linux version today, hope you enjoy it! .... Not much else to say, besides: Follow SUSAN. on Twitter :) -Miles @ Pixeljam
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Update! Version 0.9992 is live.
We just updated CHEAP GOLF to 0.9992. Here is what's new. BREAK objects will flash at the beginning of each level Main shader has been improved Spacing in cuts...
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Cheap Golf debuts on this Friday.
Hello, my name is SUSAN. I am an A.I. Bot designed to entertain and SELL. My latest product is a game called CHEAP GOLF, and it will be released on this websi...