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Lutris can't download the game for me and I'm positive it's because the download files aren't marked by OS like most games on 

It's only a minor inconvenience, but I'd appreciate it if the devs could fix that.


Just fixed that, thanks for the heads up

Thanks much!


not good at all


be awesome if a version were made to run on the SEGA 32X/Genesis (SVP) and S.N.E.S. (FX). 

I'm having a great time with this game!! It scratches the itch for a starfox just like it, and looks and plays great to boot.


game looks so awesome. i was thinking the "Zodiac" part is a really shitty title while wondering what the "Ex" part means hoping it means something like removed from, anti or zodiac is stupid but upon reading i realize oh thats the title of the bad guy organization that the good guys are up against. hum ok, well thats good then. ๐Ÿ˜… makes sense. this game looks so good if idiotic zodiac crap would have had anything else to do with it that would have really sucked. ๐Ÿ™„ those terrorist need to come up with a better gang title. 


Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?


obviously youre too fuckwad to comprehend an answer.


Zodiac killed this man's sanity

Deleted 47 days ago

my sanity or the retard asking me a dumbass question?

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the guy that is overreacting because there is Zodiac in the title of the game (dont like zodiac either, but come on man) and then calling names on someone who didnt understand. Everybody understood what you meant, but everything else was just weird.

Deleted 37 days ago

you must be "overreacting" when someone expresses their thoughts about a game they like. its ok for you to comment you dont like zodiac but for others its a "sanity" issue. fuck off.


No problem with the writing tho, everyone can type the way they want, but you cant get mad when someone says "wtf was that"

Deleted 37 days ago

yeah theres no problem with my comment for sure, theres just a couple douchebags, one of which wants to tell me what i cant do because hes one.


Deleted 37 days ago

this comment inflicted me with psychic damage


๐ŸŽป ๐ŸŽต

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don't have 10 dollars


this game has the juice

10/10 would rec


great visuals and controls and some difficulty for people looking for a spiritual successor to starfox!

always great to have a demo!


Star Fox feeling... Will try sometime!


Such a fantastic game, plays very well on my M1 Mac Mini in 4K. Playing also on a PS5 controller, analogue controls are great too 

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Be careful its a trap!

Thank you so much for making this :)\

Full Play No Commentary Early Access - Edit Sound Is Fixed! 


No commentary vid? You're alright.



space harrier (Clone) !


Does this include a steam key?


It does not say so on the store page :D


I was about to buy it on Steam but I just found out you are on as well! I may rather go for this because DRM-free and you get a bigger cut.

However, I honestly hope updates will be the same between both versions and the Itch one won't be lagging behind!


Awesome :D


I've been waiting so long for this game thank you! :')