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This game is so much fun, even after all these years it still holds up really well.

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I'm having the issue of me not being able to run the game because whenever I try to run it, the game gives me a pop-up saying "install ADOBE AIR". I installed adobe air, and the game gives me the same pop-up. Is there a fix to this?

Email me and I'll send a Steam Key... that version might work:

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I bought this game with my nostalgia senses tingling. What I got was an exe that still won't run because it doesn't recognize that I DO have Adobe air installed. Please Pixeljam, could you help me out?

Can you email me with your machine spaces?

I've installed Adobe Air from Adobe's website but Dino Run still says it can't find it.  Do I need a special version of Air or something?

did i know why this game was amazing -__-

why is the mac version 1.55? can I play with 1.57 people?

Yes, you can. We had to update the Windows version only to fix a windows-only bug... :)

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Oh the fucking memories

oh i remember it! it's so nice to see it again

Oh my gosh! I remember a Dino Run flash game ages ago with my brother! I cannot wait to play this game!

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First time playing this little gem. Very fun.


Congrats guys, It was a great game. I remember playing it when I was little.