Episode 2 Beta!

There is now a beta available for EPISODE 2.

The beta also addresses the following issues:

  • Performance upgrade: the game should run better on lower spec machines.
  • Zooming has been smoothed out.
  • The threshold for slo-mo mode has been reduced - you may now actually notice it.  (slo-mo is activated when you attempt to fling a ball that is already travelling)

  Check it out and leave us feedback in the forums!


-Miles @ Pixeljam (and SUSAN.)


CheapGolf_MAC_BETA_102.zip 34 MB
Apr 16, 2018
CheapGolf_WIN_BETA_102.zip 32 MB
Apr 16, 2018


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a. okay i think overall this was even better than episode 1

b. i enjoyed episode 1 more though because it was completely new and nothing ever beats that feeling for me

c. ep 2 was easier not because it was just easier it's because there was less frustrating stuff lol namely the precision of arrrrrggh and that last level i can't remember the name but it has lots of green walls

d. fishing level is so good and clever

e. new mechanics are fun too!

f. ilu

Cool, thanks.  We did try to make the new episode less frustrating.  The game is meant to be more entertaining than challenging anyway.