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Hey, got this in the Winter selects bundle, am I eligible for Steam keys? Already have Dino Run DX and Potatoman  on Steam so feel free to skip those if it helps.

email me which keys you want -

Fantastic collection.


Hey I'm absolutely loving it! I don't know if it has to due with unpacking files, but flash packer lags when i try to play pizza city. Does anyone know what I need to do? This collection rocks!


Try dragging the included pizza city SWF file directly into the flash player included in the "utilities" zip and see if it runs any faster that way?

works great! I'd love to say that I've been playing all your games since I was a kid and I've been enjoying this purchase so much! You guys rock!


Thanks :)

What a charming and rich collection of games! I'm especially happy to find Mountain Maniac in the collection. MM is one of my most pleasurable gaming memories, I always wanted to own an offline version. That game alone is worth five hard earned bucks to me. And all the other games... just a lovely collection well worth the price. Thanks!

I'm so excited to dive into all these goodies!

For those of you trying to install more than one at a time on macOS from the itch client some packs seem to be overwriting others rather than installing each next to each other!


Oh!  Which zips are overwriting each other?